Pirates of the Great Lakes

Those darn salt water pirates of the Caribbean get all the mainstream love and attention.  And though the pirate life has been romanticized by Hollywood, we couldn’t help but be intrigued with the history of our very own Unsalted Pirates of the Great Lakes.

We started the research by…you guessed it, Googling “Great Lakes Pirates”.  What did we learn?  Trent Sandusky has a great article “Great Lakes Piracy: Pirates Thrived on the Great Lakes Long After Their Golden Age”.

We learned about Roaring Dan Seavy on Wikipedia.  We also learned that Great Lakes Distillery has a rum inspired by Seavy, Roaring Dan’s Rum, which features pure Wisconsin maple syrup.

And we even ordered a book from Amazon, “Pirates of the Great Lakes” by Greg Haggart.

As we continue our research and learn more about the history of pirates on the Great Lakes, we’ve started thinking about possible Unsalted Sailing t-shirt designs….we were even interviewed for an article discussing Pirates of the Great Lakes!

As Trent Sandusky writes, when you think of the stock pirate adventure  “You’re probably imagining this scene somewhere off the coast of Panama or Jamaica. But let’s take ourselves out of piracy’s “golden age” and place these seaman at the beginning of the 1900’s. Then let’s say the distant shoreline isn’t covered with white sand and palm trees, but with jagged red-rock cliffs and towering pines. And what’s in the pirates’ cargo hold? It isn’t chests full of gold coin–this pirate ship is packed with barrels of deer meat, raw timber or illegal liquor. To top it off: it’s snowing.”

So to honor these unsalted Great Lakes pirates and their barrels of deer meat – “Pirate of the Great Lakes


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